About Us

The Million Dollar Coffee Story

Hi, I’m Evan Ward.

I’ve had a wonderful career working at the Joffre Nova Petrochemical site for the last 14 years: the experiences and the people have all been great (well, almost all… working outside in winter in Alberta isn’t always great.)

Unfortunately, I see that I’m not quite financially prepared for retirement, which is only a few short years away. Fortunately, I am healthy and love coffee and working with people, so have decided to start a coffee company that caters to coffee lovers and those who know coffee lovers here in Central Alberta.

I hope you will support me- I still have same work ethic as I did in my younger days and will use it to give you the best coffee with the best customer service!

Thank you.

Evan Ward


For a better cup of coffee

My goal for you is to make the best cup of coffee possible every time! And with just a little bit of attention, you can! I watched videos online and read all about this and then I tried it to see if it made any difference, it did! I’ve probably taken my coffee making from a 1 to a 5!

Follow some or all of them and you’ll be making coffee like a coffee shop barista!! Here’s my tips!

1) Premium quality beans (from me) that have been freshly roasted and freshly ground in small batches. Coffee starts to lose its freshness after a month, so small 1 lb. bags are a great size! Keep them in a air tight container. Oxygen, moisture and light and even temperature are the enemy and don’t freeze your coffee!

2) Water quality and water temperature is important! Coffee is 97% water use filtered water (no chlorine or funky tasting well water) use a bottle of spring water with minerals in it if you can’t filter it. Costco sells it cheap by the giant jug! Experts all seem to agree that 195-205 Celsius is the best temperature for most coffees. If you use a kettle just let it sit for 30 seconds and it should be close. Or you can buy a goose neck kettle from Polivar like I have it controls the flow of water much better. For the slight 15 to 30 secs you need for your coffee to Blume (yes I know, I use to skip this too mainly for pour overs), this helps to release the c02 to allow better extraction. It also comes with a thermometer built in. Make sure you watch it cause it bubbles out the spout if you go to high! If you’re wondering about what a pour over looks like, here’s what I use it works great on my Contigo cup, but there’s lots of videos on it if your interested! I don’t require a full pot of coffee and this coffee is to good to pour out so the pour over is perfect for that.

3) Grind your own coffee beans! Every time if possible, use a conical burr grinder. This is what I use, it works great! Fresh roasted and fresh ground is the best you can get! Bags of ground coffee are good too, but I’m trying to get you to the number 5 of coffee making lol!

4) Filters! They can have a residual taste. Some have been bleached etc. Pour water through it to flush out dust etc. from the manufacturing process. Then make your coffee!

5) Get a good coffee machine! I use a Bunn like the picture, it’s water temperature is set at 200 degrees and has a special head inside to distribute the water better. This one is always “on” but always ready, 3min for a pot. Use Bunn filters, they are the right size and no bleach in them etc. So research and choose a good quality coffee maker. The cheap ones have difficulty getting the temperature high enough I read!

6) Do try different methods of making coffee: drip cup, pour over, French press, and percolator. There’s a video on all of them.

7) Use a scale. Experts talk about coffee ratios: how much coffee to how much water. It’s 7 grams of coffee to every 4 oz. of water. I wasn’t putting enough coffee in! I was trying to make it go further etc. You can adjust it up or down but I find to be the right amount. Some coffee is lighter and some are more dense, so just using a tablespoon doesn’t keep it the same weight. And it can be quite a bit different. Plus when you have determined what the right weight is you can make it the same every time! That’s how you can make it perfect every time. Just like they do in those specialty coffee shops!

That’s it! I’ve shared what I know. I hope you will take a interest in coffee making. A couple minutes and some attention will really make a difference and you can make a great cup of coffee that you look forward to having every day! Send me a message if this has helped you, I’d really like to hear!

Enjoy amazing coffee and win a million bucks! Life doesn’t get better than that.

Good Luck from The Million Dollar Coffee Company!